For the past 10 years we have been successfully launching our clients brands into the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand markets.  Additionally, we are responsible for effectively growing our brand partners’ customer base to millions of new customers worldwide. Currently, we are working with small to large sized brands, as well as new and emerging companies that produce products for beauty, health, electronics, fashion, kids, home goods and more. BFree Brands, is dedicated to assisting brands in reaching their desired sales goals and brand image by offering our expertise, experience and established partnerships with key buyers of department stores and online specialty sale events retailers. We are here to help you reach your full potential on your journey to success.

SAGIV Z – Chief Strategy Officer, Business Development


Sagiv brings more than 20 years of sales, business and brand development experience to BFree Brand.  With his passion, knowledge, professionalism, leadership and drive, he has helped clients achieve their goals and made BFree Brand one of the leaders in the industry.An entrepreneur for most of his career, Sagiv feels the most fulfilled by inspiring young people to follow their passion and dreams by speaking at local high schools in his area.

LIMOR C — Chief Operation Officer and Lead Buyer


As a COO of BFree Brand, Limor leads the company’s overall operation with passion and leadership. Her drive comes from winning and helping customers reach their full sales potential. A forward thinker, Limor applies her knowledge and more than 10 years of experience, not only when guiding the Bfree team, but also guiding clients to expand their vision. In her spare time, Limor offers her expertise to emerging technology startups in the Los Angeles area.


ANNA M – Marketing and Social Media Manager


With a strong marketing and social media background, Anna leads the BFree Brand and its clients in executing multiple cross-platform strategies. With more than 15 years of marketing experience, Anna’s passion for her craft drives her to stay at the forefront of marketing, and enables her to deliver the best results. Her vibrant personality and expertise is a perfect mixture to represent product and services to the ever-changing marketplace.
Anna is an active member of Fashion and Social Media Meetup groups around the Los Angeles area.


LIRON M – Lead Ui/Ux and Visuals Designer


Liron is a creative UI/UX Visual force behind BFree Brand. With over 10 years of design experience, Liron continues to “wow “our clients with his creative abilities.

Continually evolving his craft, Liron seeks for inspirations and thinks outside the box in order to achieve his creative goals and bring the best work to BFree Brand.

Nir Diamant – Australia/New Zealand Buyer and Director.


Nir brings 18 years of knowledge and experience in retail industry in Australia. His focus has been in launching and building sales strategies, as well as production for various Australian beauty brands. Currently, Nir is an authorized distributor in Australia for BFree Brands clients.

Ido Groag — Chief Technical Officer 

Ido is the problem solver
No technical issue is left unattended.
Specialized in web development environment such as css/html and WordPress. Extensive knowledge in media handling shooting/editing and preparing for broadcast.